2014 Leadville 100 MTB

2014 Leadville 100 MTB

2014 Leadville 100 MTB

August 7, 2014 - August 10, 2014

Event Results:


Davis earns the big gold belt buckle by finishing in under 9 hours and setting the new CEO Challenges record of 8:16!

- Kent Killian is first over 50 in 9:19

- Jonna Palmer is first Female in 9:57



1. Wade Davis, Viacom - 8:16.07

2. Kent Killian, Dental Health Associates of Madison - 9:19.28. OVER 50 CHAMPION

3. Daniel Stein, Evolution Beureau - 9:35.10

4. Doron Reuveni, uTest Inc - 9:45.05

5. Matt Gilhousen, TradeWind Energy - 9:56.55

6. Jonna Palmer, Chiropractic Business Academy - 9:57.59. FEMALE CHAMPION

7. Jim Newell, Houston Ventures - 10:27.20. OVER 60 CHAMPION (2ND OVER 50)

8. Richard Mack, Mack Real Estate Group - 10:29.34

9. Sam Mancini, Savoy Holdings - 10:51.47

10. Eric Zinterhofer, Searchlight Capital Partners - 11:06.23

11. Thomas McAndrews, Tiarna Real Estate Services - 11:06.52. 3rd OVER 50

12. Mike Fries, Liberty Global - 11:09.52

13. Greg Muller, Ameri-Cal Floral - 11:22.44

14. Shawn Talbott, LifeVantage - 11:24.44

Jerry Lynch, GMP Friction Products - DNF

Joe Eazor, EarthLink - DNS 

RAAM 2014 awards.jpg

Participant Testimonials

I really enjoyed being part of the CEO Challenge as it put me competing with like minded individuals who are also running companies and also training and competing in monumental races/events.

It was great to be able to network with other CEO's and one part I really liked was being able to meet and get to know 6-time Leadville Champion Dave Wiens.  He was at the Welcome Dinner and also the CEO Lunch.  

The mechanics were helpful to have a quick tune-up before the race.

It was great to have use of the CEO Aid Stations as my family enjoyed being part of a group during the day at the aid station as not only were they helping me when I came in, but all the rest of the time they were helping or cheering on the other CEO's coming into the aid station.

I thought it was really awesome to have the CEO awards be presented on the stage at the awards ceremony.....plus, our awards were bigger then everyone else's :)

Having the CEO house during the day on Saturday was an amazing perk.  It gave us a spot to use before the race and after the race it was so nice to take a hot shower and then kick back and see all the racers coming into the finish line.

I also know I can contact any of the CEO's I met and use them as a resource if needed as everyone was so friendly and willing to help each other.

The CEO Challenge is an outstanding program for those of us in the trenches of the business world to keep expanding our companies.  It helps knowing there are other people out there doing what you are doing and trying to balance the work, train, family lifestyle!

Event Registration Closed

Registration for this event is currently full or closed. If you are interested in hearing more information about future events like this one, please Contact us.

caf logo.jpg A portion of each CEO's entry fee will be donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) charity to provide wheelchairs and prosthetics for disabled athletes. http://www.challengedathletes.org