ColoradoBiz Today - Knock an Ironman off his (or her) pedestal

ColoradoBiz Today - Knock an Ironman off his (or her) pedestal

CEO Fitness Challenge aims to find fittest executives in Denver

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Four years ago, you wouldn't have called Rich Kylberg an uber-athlete. He was just another beer-drinking guy who liked to kick back and watch the tube.

Not something you expect to hear from someone who competes in triathlons and Ironman competitions, won a CEO half-Ironman in Singapore, and is participating in the inaugural Denver CEO Fitness Challenge.

"After college for about 15 or 20 years, I did nothing but sit on a couch, work a remote. Ate pizza, drank beer. It was a wonderful life," says the CEO of Denver-based Communicom Broadcasting, which owns and operates radio stations in several U.S. markets.

"It was shattered one day by a friend who asked if I would participate with him in living his dream, which was to run the New York City Marathon," he says. "For the first time, I got off the couch and starting running. And I couldn't even run to the corner without being winded."

Four years and many competitions later, Kylberg is committed to staying in shape and having a ball doing it. He recently made a stop at Denver's Colorado Athletic Club to take a 15-minute test that puts him in the running for the Denver CEO Fitness Challenge, a competition that will select the fittest men and women executives in three age categories. The event is organized by Boulder-based CEO Challenges, which organizes sports competitions designed for CEOs all over the world and has sponsorships from AIG and Cigna.

Through Nov. 13, CEOs, presidents and C-suite executives of companies making at least $1 million in annual gross revenue can stop by any of the Colorado Athletic Club's four locations (Denver, Inverness, Denver Tech Center and Monaco) and show:

  • How many step ups they can do in three minutes;
  • How many pushups they can do in one minute;
  • How many crunches they can do until they fail;
  • How far they can reach from a sitting position to test their flexibility.

The top three women and top three men in each group (39 and under; 40 to 49 and 50 and over) will be invited to the CEO Fitness Challenge Finals on Nov. 16 to determine Denver's fittest CEO


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