Zeal Optics Supports CEO Athletes

Zeal Optics Supports CEO Athletes

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BOULDER, CO (November 4, 2008) -  As Bicycling.com put it, "With Zeal glasses...you won't see glare, your vision will be clear and sharp, and your eyes won't tire as readily."  And now all participants in CEO Challenge events will have the benefit of competing in the world's finest quality sport eyewear. 

CEO Challenges (www.ceochallenges.com) is the world leader in sport competitions designed specifically for CEOs. The firm's goal is to find the world's best CEO in several sports. Founded in 2001 with the CEO Ironman Challenge, CEO Challenges has expanded to include CEO Triathlon, Cycling, Marathon, Fly Fishing, Driving, and Skiing Challenges in settings worldwide. 

"I continue to be amazed at the quality, clarity, and comfort of Zeal glasses," stated Ted Kennedy, President of CEO Challenges.   "I have tried many different sunglasses, and as far as I'm concerned these are the best.   And since our CEO Challenge programs are focused on what's best for the CEO competitors, it makes sense that we have formed this great partnership with Zeal." 

"We are very excited to be working with CEO Challenges.  As business owners and former professional athletes we understand the type of commitments and sacrifices that are made in order to run a business and training, both can be full time jobs," said Michael Jackson, co-owner & designer of Zeal Optics. 

"Your eyewear selection is one of the most important decisions you can make when trying to achieve maximum performance.  The right choice will make your racing and training experience all that much better. When we started Zeal we set out to design the best glasses in the world, no hype, no over marketing, just a well designed product," said Zeal Optics co-owner and Designer Wink Jackson.   

Zeal will offer CEO Challenge competitors the opportunity to purchase additional glasses at a special limited time discount, and even offer their employees a discount so they can see the Zeal difference for themselves. 

The final event for 2008 is the CEO Challenge at Ford Ironman Arizona on November 23.   This will be followed by a few months off before the 2009 season kicks off with a CEO Skiing Challenge in Vail, and the first of 12 CEO Triathlon events starting in April. 

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