2012 CEO Endurance World Championship

2012 CEO Endurance World Championship

2012 CEO Endurance World Championship

September 13, 2012 - September 16, 2012

Event Results:



For Dan King, CEO of ReadyTalk in Boulder, CO age is just a number. Even though, at 53, he was one of the older competitors in the CEO Endurance World Championshp hosted at Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN from September 14-16 he still won four of the six stages of competition and grabbed the overall title as well. In return for his efforts King earned the coveted title of 2012 World's Fittest CEO®!

King was only two points ahead of Frank Karbe of Exelisis (San Francisco) going into the the 6th and final stage, a tough 6-mile cross country run with 6 water crossings and 6 Spartan Race 4-foot barriers. King sealed his victory by winning the cross country event. Karbe was 3rd in the cross country run and ended up 2nd overall.

As part of the CEO Endurance World Championship each of the 17 competitors donated at least $2,000 to a charity pot, and as a result of his win King is donating $27,500 to Playworks. Karbe donated his portion of the charity pot, $9,000, to the Olympic Club Foundation.

Doron Reuveni, CEO of uTest Inc in Southborough, MA claimed the final podium slot finishing 3rd overall.

Results of each Stage, and the Final Results, can be found HERE.

Watch the 30-minute TV show that will broadcast Nationally in 2013 HERE (note, scroll to the bottom and view the show in 4 segments, with segment 1 on the very bottom of the page).


  1. Dan King, ReadyTalk, CO - 83 pts (Over 50)
  2. Frank Karbe, Exelixis, CA - 79
  3. Doron Reuveni, uTest, MA - 69
  4. Darin Anderson, Salas O'Brien Engineering, CA - 67
  5. Shannon Horn, First Response Fire Rescue, ID - 65
  6. Brent de Jong, Zaff, TX - 62
  7. Francois Lambert, Aheeva Technology, Quebec - 60
  8. Sam Beall, Blackberry Farm, TN - 51
  9. Carl Guardino, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, CA - 48 (Over 50)
  10. Martin Franklin, Jarden Corp, NY - 44
  11. Kevin Wallace, Gears Bike Shop, Ontario - 42
  12. Mark Visk, Orthopedic Specialties of Spartanburg, SC - 40 (Over 50)
  13. Dave Lee, Covelo, TX - 40
  14. Scott Stackman, UBS, NY - 38
  15. Brent Underdahl, Ironman Marketing, Mexico - 38
  16. Andrew Palowitch, Exelis, VA - 28 (Over 50)
  17. Georges Karam, Atelka Inc, Quebec - 19

Top 3 from each Stage

Stage 1 - 25-mile Elimination Bike Race

  1. Sam Beall
  2. Frank Karbe
  3. Dan King

Stage 2 - SPARTAN Team Race

  1. Team King
  2. Team Beall
  3. Team Karbe
  4. Team Reuveni

Stage 3 - 16 lap Elimination Run

  1. Dan King
  2. Frank Karbe
  3. Doron Reuveni

Stage 4 - 8-mile Uphill Bike

  1. Dan King
  2. Frank Karbe
  3. Doron Reuveni

Stage 5 - 1-mile Swim

  1. Shannon Horn
  2. Frank Karbe
  3. Brent de Jong

Stage 6 - 6-mile Cross Country Run

  1. Dan King
  2. Doron Reuveni
  3. Frank Karbe

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Participant Testimonials

Overall Ratings of the Event

Did not meet my Expectations: 0

Met my Expectations: 12%

Exceeded my Expectations: 18%

FAR exceeded my Expectations: 70%

The Best Parts of the Program:

  • Good balance of sport, fine dining and good friends
  • The time to build camaraderie with the CEOs and spouses over the four days
  • The friendships developed with fellow competitors
  • Everything!  Blackberry Farm, the competitors, the events...
  • Accommodations, the setting, meeting a great group of people
  • The company and the competitors.   Loved the hill climb!
  • Socializing with the other CEOs and their spouses at meals
  • Food & wine
  • The group, dinners, and camaraderie
  • The coordination was excellent, the events were well thought out, the format was right on (the fittest certainly won), dinners and environment was superb, accommodations were best in class!
  • The dinners and the cross country run
  • Meeting other CEOs and experiencing Blackberry Farm
  • The group of CEOs and the organization of the event
  • Uphill biking and the cross country run


"I didn't think it would be possible to top the feeling of winning the World Masters Cross Country race last year, but this has been way more fun!  I'm still basking in the glow of the event." - Dan King 

"This is a competition like no other I have ever experienced. Everybody was tested beyond limits, camaraderie was phenomenal - everyone left with a world class experience for sure." - Darin Anderson

"This was an absolutely world-class event with some of the best athletes I have ever had the pleasure of competing against." - Dave Lee

"For those who love and value sport, cherish time with other busy CEOs and are willing to push themselves to their limits, CEO Challenges is ideal. Ted Kennedy and his team are first-class." - Carl Guardino

"I want to thank you for a fantastic event that you and your team organized at BlackBerry Farm. It really was spectacular - the setting, the culinary delight, and most of all the people and and the format of the competition. I really, really enjoyed it.  I will have to come back again next year to try to win it!  Again thank you very much for a job well done." - Frank Karbe

"The experience shows the determination and mental strength of C-level Executives"

"The program encourages healthy lifestyles despite the pressures of corporate life" - Andy Palowitch

"CEOs should take part in this event because most of them could use the exercise!  Also we might do better." - Martin Franklin

"An unforgettable and unique experience."

"A life-changing event.  Humbling too."

"CEOs should participate to reduce their egos and be humbled.  No more excuses!" - Brent Underdahl

"And incredible venue, great competitions, and awesome networking opportunity." - Dan King

"A great way to challenge yourself outside the office." - Shannon Horn

"This was a true life experience!  The physical challenge perfectly complemented the daily work challenges." - Mark Visk

Event Registration Closed

Registration for this event is currently full or closed. If you are interested in hearing more information about future events like this one, please Contact us.


As part of the entry package, each CEO will be required to donate at least $2,000 to a charity ‘pot’ (business colleagues and friends will be able to 'sponsor' each athlete for charity).  CEOs under 50 donate money to the overall winner pot, CEOs over 50 donate money to the over-50 pot, and female CEOs donate to the female pot

The winner of the Fittest CEO® title donates the majority of the pot of money to the charity of their choice (including charity money from sponsors), and the winner of the over-50 division donates the over-50 pot to the charity of their choice, and the winner of the female division donates the female pot to the charity of their choice